College Golf 101

Client: NBC Golf Channel

Category: Motion Graphics


The gist

In 2019, Golf Channel approached me to create animated content for their College 101 series. The producers faced the problem of not having enough footage to cover the episode. They had a few images- but most of them were not high res enough to be be able to zoom in and create the famous “Ken Burns” effect. So they called me in for brainstorming and see what we can do.

The series talks about the historical timelines of the best players in college golf. So when I suggested creating a literal "timeline", they immediately gravitated to the idea. We created a timeline animating the archival images. The pictures were placed in the foreground and background, utilizing the z space - so when the camera moved past them, it gave it a parallax look. We also added ancillary elements like golf courses, flags, fan-fare, cheers, and text to create the atmosphere and take the audience to those moments.


  • Creative Director: Tejal Shah
  • Animation: Michael Kelly, Gokul Raj


3.5 months

We created content for six episodes. Here are a few examples.

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